Phils Folly

This website contains 4 totally different sections.

1. The first is the result of my ongoing interest in finding solutions for difficult sudokus.

2. The second section presents images from a property we have at Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains of NSW. This village resides at 1000m on an ancient volcano which provides fertile basalt soil. While rhododendrons and other exotics thrive here, we have taken a particular interest in conifers, particularly those native to Australia and others from the southern hemisphere. I selected a number of my favourites from the many we have planted.

3. The third section is a contract bridge quiz. This is only for our personal use as the system we play is a bit unusual.

4. The forth section contains my own rendition of NYT Wordle. It uses the same dictionary as wordle, and has advantages, eg play as often as you wish, and reveal answer when you're stuck.

**NEW** Phil's Wordle
Phil's Sudoku Solver
Ashridge - Mt Wilson
Bridge System Tutor